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Welcome to Reykjavik Private Tours

We are a family owned and operated business in Iceland.  We offer private tours and transport around beautiful Iceland with professional drivers and luxury fleet of cars.
If you have special request for tours or transfer, don´t hesitate to contact us

What Makes Us Special

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Local Expert Guides

On an Reykjavik Private Tour, explore the country’s natural treasures with your very own local guide. Venture off the beaten track and discover hidden gems you’d never see any other way. The only thing you need to do: follow your guide around the Land of Fire and Ice on the adventure of a lifetime!

Handpicked Adventures

We have handpicked a selection of our favorite sights and activities to do in Iceland. You will get a chance to see everything from the famous Golden Circle to black volcanic beaches, the Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon and some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. Our tours will take you to tiny, charming fishing villages and historical sights, take you through rugged lava fields and give you the most stunning views you will ever see.

Hidden Gem Destinations

Iceland is a land of spectacular natural wonders ranging from craters to geysers to some of the largest glaciers and waterfalls on the continent. Although many have become famous, Iceland has a wealth of lesser-known (but no less spectacular) attractions.  Go off the beaten path with us and find the secret places that most visitors to Iceland overlook

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Private Airport Transfer

Keflavík, Iceland

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Cruise Ship Service

Reykjavik, Iceland

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Special Request


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Who We Are



Travel In Style

All our tours and transfers are private. Professional drivers and top of the line car fleet will make your visit to Iceland unforgettable.


Fagradalsfjall is a volcano on the Reykjanes Peninsula, around 40 kilometres from Reykjavík, Iceland. Fagradalsfjall is also the name for the wider volcanic system covering an area 5 kilometres wide and 15 kilometres long between Svartsengi and Krýsuvík.

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